Professional Development for HITA Practitioners

For years now, our profession has been consumed with the notion that only 30% of change endeavors fully achieve their stated objectives. Countless books, articles, blogs, speeches, and conference sessions have been devoted to questions like: Is this really the correct portrayal of change’s success rate?

Building The High Impact Trusted Advisor Relationship High Impact Trusted Advisors (HITAs) are change practitioners with extraordinary access to and influence with senior leaders. Some serve executives at the C-suite level, some support key leaders in […]

Practicing the craft gives practitioners more job security.

The fear of losing an assignment or even employment leads change practitioners to sometimes cater to clients’ wishes rather than stand firm on what they believe to be in their […]

When is “helping” acceptable?

  It is easy to go to sleep and forget who we are and the unique value we have to offer when we bring our authentic selves forward. Waking up […]

The Difference Between “Helping” and “Practicing Our Craft”

High-impact change professionals know that it requires a degree of courage and discipline to practice the craft at their level. Practitioners must have the courage to face the implications (problems/opportunities) […]