About Daryl and Ed

Daryl Conner  and Ed Boswell have devoted many decades to advising leaders and senior change practitioners of major organizations worldwide in the successful navigation of complex, large-scale change. In addition, each has led organizations and understands in a very real way the challenges and risks of driving transformation. They understand first-hand how hard it is to both be an effective leader and to help execute critical strategies or difficult transformations.

Just as importantly, during their combined 80+ years of service, Daryl and Ed have trained and coached hundreds of senior practitioners to be more impactful. They have worked with thousands of internal specialists and external consultants in the art and science of facilitating enterprise-wide transformation. These experiences have led to a deep understanding of the patterns of human behavior and mindsets that underlie all change and what it takes to foster the process. The lessons that Daryl and Ed have learned, through their own experiences and their observations of others along the way, are at the heart of the curriculum they offer at Conner Academy.

The 2023 Fall ATA Program begins on October 6, 2023 and runs thru February 16, 2024. Learn more and register.

The 2024 Spring ATA Program begins on April 5, 2024 and runs thru August 16, 2024. Learn more and register.

Essays on the Mastery Path

The field of change management is ever-evolving; we continue to learn more about the human response to change every day. At Conner Academy, we support practitioners who are on a mastery path. These essays offer guidance on that journey.

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Our Mission

We are here to provide a supportive but challenging environment for those who are ready to pursue a path of change mastery. We create an environment for these practitioners to deeply explore their character, become intentional about how to leverage it through the presence they convey, and recognize how doing so contributes to establishing working relationships where their contributions are considered both strategic and invaluable. We also offer developmental guidance to help senior practitioners become trusted advisors to executive leadership.

Our Constituency

Participants in Conner Academy’s programs are organizational support specialists (change management, project management, organizational design, IT, HR, business relationship management, leadership development, strategic planning, etc.) who are committed to walking the mastery path as High Impact Trusted Advisors. Regardless of their areas of expertise, whether they operate within their own organizations or for organizations with whom they consult, whether they function as solo practitioners or as part of a team, these individuals foster the successful execution of major change endeavors.

We are here for change practitioners who:

  • Are already viewed as High Impact assets but want to strengthen their influence even more, or
  • Aspire to be related to in this way by others

Why We Do This

Among the wide array of change initiatives being pursued today, we believe some are destined to have a major, positive effect on the lives of a significant number of people. These are undertakings capable of advancing the quality of the human experience. We call these initiatives changes that matter.

Endeavors of this nature call for senior officers who can navigate the treacherous waters inherent in executing complicated transformations and change practitioners who are at the top of their game to help execute the transformation strategies.

Conner Academy is committed to creating a community of exceptional change practitioners in the hope that some will be called upon to help advance changes that matter.

We also work toward making these critical initiatives successful in our Conner Advisory consulting firm. We support leaders whose organizations are dedicated to advancing the quality of the human experience but who find themselves having to pursue major internal transformations beyond their capacity to successfully execute.