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Thank you for joining us if this is your first time visiting the Raising Your Game (RYG) Blog.

If you are an experienced internal professional or external consultant who facilitates organizational change, you may find what is shared here of interest. A good sign there is a fit for you is if you are at a point in your career where you no longer think adding yet another set of concepts, tools or certifications to your already extensive credentials is the only way to advance your capabilities. You’ll know for sure you’re at the right place if “who you are” when practicing your craft is at least as important to you as “what you do”.

The RYG Blog is for seasoned change practitioners (change management, project management, organizational design, IT, HR, leadership development, strategic planning, etc.) who want to explore how their inherent character and the presence it generates can be used to advance their impact with the leaders they serve. It is offered as a support mechanism to change practitioners seeking to raise their game and believe doing so requires an introspective journey.

Here you’ll find thoughts, observations and insights related to intentionally bringing forward aspects of who you truly are that may have become hidden and diminished. The entries will represent various perspectives on this subject but always in support of a single premise: the greatest value we generate for others occurs when we remain aligned to the core of what makes each of us a unique resource. While there may be occasional posts about the character/presence of leaders sponsoring change, the primary thrust will be geared toward the practitioner audience.

Welcome. We’re glad you’re here.

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Essays on the Mastery Path

The field of change management is ever-evolving; we continue to learn more about the human response to change every day. At Conner Academy, we support practitioners who are on a mastery path. These essays offer guidance on that journey.

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